Our Clubs offer you the opportunity to develop your communication and leadership skills. 
This is done in a friendly, fun, safe and supportive environment.
You will improve your public speaking and presentation skills; your interpersonal communication and you will learn how to run effective meetings.  These skills are vital to success in both our personal and public lives.
Each club meeting allows you to:
  • Practice speaking – the key to improvement
  • Receive coaching through evaluation
  • Learn from others
  • Follow a personalised development program
Guests are always welcome at our club - there is no charge for visitors who will not be pressed to speak unless they really wish to.

A Typical Meeting:

The format of a typical club meeting can vary however most of our club meetings  include three main elements:
Two to three prepared speeches of typically 5-8 minutes with the more advanced speakers often undertaking longer assignments.
A session of short impromptu speeches known as Table Topics - The Topics Leader selects willing volunteers to present a speech of typically 90-seconds on a subject introduced on the spot.
Each prepared-speaker and impromptu-speaker will be evaluated by one of the more-experienced members to provide valuable feedback and recommendations for improvement.
As the club is essentially about speaking and developing confidence, all members take turns to perform the meeting functionary roles which may include Chairman and Topics Leader.


Meeting times:

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