POWERtalk Training

POWERtalk NZ clubs coach members in effective speaking and provide opportunities for self-improvement through POWERtalk’s progressive quality Accreditation Programme.
Clubs assist the development of the individual member through POWERtalk NZ's three-point training methods. By learning through participation, evaluation and coaching members can:
  • communicate with authority and conviction
  • present with panache
  • improve their listening skills
  • understand the importance of communication in human relations and appreciate the many factors involved in group dynamics
  • develop their hidden potential
  • recognise they are doing something good for themselves
POWERtalk NZ club meetings are planned to provide each member with training in communication and leadership skills so the individual can use these skills competently in all aspects of life. Each part of the club meeting is geared to some specific aspect of training, varied to meet the needs of the club members.

POWERtalk NZ Accreditation Programme

The Accreditation Programme is a planned and recorded achievement programme. All the skills of communication – from delivering a speech, giving a presentation, listening analytically, or chairing a meeting – are covered; and so can be developed and improved. Each member begins the Accreditation Programme as soon as they tackle their first assignment. The programme consists of four levels sequentially developed and based primarily on communicative abilities as a speaker, a listener and a leader.  
Special recognition is given on the successful completion of each level.

History of POWERtalk

Our origins lie in California USA when in 1938 International Toastmistress Clubs was established. Over the years the organisation changed its name to International Training in Communication (ITC) and later the brand name POWERtalk International was adopted. There are currently clubs in Australia, Austria, Canada, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand (established 1972), Poland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States of America. Clubs are open to both men and women.
These were the words of the first president, Ernestine White, the woman whose vision planted the seed for the organisation. 
 “The world grows better because people wish that it should and because they take the right steps to make it better.” – Ernestine White, Founder and 1st President

Mission  Statement             

The mission of POWERtalk NZ is to provide opportunities for self-improvement through progressive quality training in communication and leadership skills. 


Visit a POWERtalk NZ Club near you and discover how to unlock your potential.

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