Waitakere Clubs Impromptu night

Waitakere Club had a great meeting last night 7 August 2019.
It was totally impromptu and on arrival we chose an envelope and inside was our assignment for the evening.
Our Compere Lynsie did a fabulous job with a little book about cats.  (Today the 8th being the International day of the Cat it was most appropriate).  She introduced each presenter with a little blurb about them and their cat (without letting the truth get in the way of a good story).
Sheridan presented the Issues of the Day and gave us all an “International Day of…”.  From Talk like a Pirate Day to Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day everyone acquitted themselves with humour and in the general spirit of the impromptu nature of that session.
Our Mary gave a brilliant Extemporaneous speech.  The subject of Balance being given to her by our Education Chair Janet at the start of the meeting.  She compared the balance between Patriotism vs Nationalism. It was thought-provoking; well constructed and you could see the total engagement with the audience.  
Janet presented a speech on the dangers of Google and its ridiculousness when she delved into dictionary/thesaurus sites and came up with over 900 synonyms for the word Curtains including sequins; egret and death!  It was well researched and entertaining. Bring back Roget’s Thesaurus we cry.
We did know it was an impromptu evening and we wouldn’t know what our assignments would be until we arrived at the meeting but members had prepared as best they could.   Rounding the evening off with great evaluations and a final closing thought it was, as always, and evening to come out on a cold winters night for.


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